1. Phantom Love

Written by Angela Galestro & Paul Cuevas. Produced by Jonathan Smith.


I feel your touch from miles away
But I know it’s just my mind playing tricks on me
And I swear I see you everywhere
It’s my eyes, they’re starving for another glance

Let me run into your arms
So I’m sure this is no mirage
Hold you tight, I won’t let go
This is real and now I know

I keep seeing you everywhere
Hearing you in the words to every song that plays
And I really wish I didn’t care
Sleep walking with you on my mind all day

Please forgive my confusion
I reached for you but it was an illusion
I swear I heard you call my name out loud
I look around but you are nowhere in this crowd

I see you past the smoke and mirrors
And I can hear you clearer
As you’re drawing nearer

The anticipation
Just keeps escalating
I can reach out and grasp your hand

This sensation is true
All my senses bursting
Heading in
Going straight to you

I’m sure of what I’m seeing
I won’t hide this feeling
I just want you baby
Won’t settle for a maybe